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Legally getting out of vaccinating your children?

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  • Legally getting out of vaccinating your children?

    I plan on having kids and this is one of my biggest worries. 54% of children in the US now have a chronic illness and most develop them before the age of 10. There are numerous reports and studies with FACTS about vaccination being horrific for kids but they still continue to push it because they need the population to be sick enough to make money off of. I am against vaccination and I don't want my future children to be vaccinated. It is against my moral beliefs. Is there a way I can legally say no?

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    I'm pro vaccines, it saved many children from deadly diseases. however, I respect those who are against it and understand where are they coming from.


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      You are able to say no because your beliefs are against it. They can't be forced on you or your child. If a school is an issue, then you simply write a letter to the school stating your child is healthy and you are against vaccination on moral ground. Most schools will allow it. If they try to give you a hard time, make it a personal attack on who you are and what you believe in.


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        I am not sure but what Shellz mentions sounds right. I think vaccination is a good idea in theory but it is poorly executed in the US. So many kids are sick in this country, it is unbelievable. Japan does it right. They wait 2 years or something because a child is given a vaccine.


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