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Good ways to increase circulation?

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  • Good ways to increase circulation?

    I noticed in the colder months, my hands and feet tend to be very cold. I work at a desk so I think this is partially to blame. My circulation needs to be improved to prevent this from happening. Anyone know any simple ways to increase circulation? I would love tips for at the office as well since I am stuck sitting for 8+ hours a day.

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    A recurrent advice I see is working out, specially exercises that promote blood circulation, some massages when you are resting in your house, and eating garlic, we already eat garlic in some foods, but they talk about eating garlic in the same way you eat a apple, isnt easy though.


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      Have you considered going to a chiropractor to get your posture looked at? I know people who have bad posture will have poor blood supply to the limbs so it is worth looking into.


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        General exercise is said to be good for blood flow and I would believe it. Since I started my desk job 5 years ago, my hands and feet are always cold and my joints hurt.


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          Few things one can do...

          1. Consume iron-rich foods
          2. Stay active
          3. Massages
          4. Stay hydrated
          5. Increase intake of Ginger/Garlic
          6. Eat Dark chocolates


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            Have a look at a standing desk. I know it sounds horrible but it's really not that bad! You can even get one which goes up and down so you can spend an hour sitting and an hour standing. Walking more will also help circulation.


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