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In Madden NFL 22, players have more control than ever in how they celebrate big plays like touchdowns, sacks, and open-field sprints to the endzone. So, how do you celebrate in Madden 22, and how do you do different celebrations?

The celebration prompt will pop up whenever you make a big play on-field. These include interceptions, fumbles, sacks, big catches, third-down conversions, and touchdowns. To celebrate in Madden 22, wait for the prompt to pop up, and press the right stick in the indicated direction. You can opt to do nothing and let the timer run out. Here are all the celebrations in Madden 22: Swagger, Signature, Flex, Dance, Team, Spike and First-Down.

Also, in this year’s game, in order to trigger a running celebration, press and hold the L2 + R2 + X button on PlayStation. For Xbox users, that’s LT + RT + A button. When you press these combinations, your ball carrier starts showboating his way down the field. Make sure there are no defenders near you. This is critically important. If you celebrate and get tackled, you will fumble nearly 100% of the time. Make sure you have plenty of space between you and the nearest defender.

Once arriving in the end zone, the celebrations continue. Moving the right stick left, right, up, or down activates a touchdown celebration. These include signature celebrations, team celebrations, spiking the ball, and dances.

Celebrating doesn’t affect the game in any way, but Indeed the best mockery of your opponents! Now that you know how to showboat and celebrate in Madden 22, hop into a game and try it out for yourself!

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