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  • TexasBorne
    started a topic Laws on Vaccination

    Laws on Vaccination

    As it stands right now, certain laws are into place to force vaccination on children and adults. Those who work in hospitals and children attending school...
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  • damar
    started a topic Are you in favor of death penalty

    Are you in favor of death penalty

    There are countries that include death penalty as their punishment for severe crimes, while there are people and religions that are against the practices...
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  • About Nexidy

    About Nexidy

    Giving You Access To The Truth … The REAL Truth.

    Looking to grow spiritually, mentally, physically?
    Do you often wonder if there’s any validity in conspiracy theories, wild claims, or even the moon landing?
    Are you interested in knowing the 100% truth?

    If you answered yes to any of the questions above then Nexidy was created for you.
    Our goal is to grow the knowledge base of humankind by tapping directly into the minds
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